Chime Candle Magic - Starting out.


Chime Candle Magic    

Candle magic harnesses the power of fire, the Element of transformation, to bring change.  Close your eyes and imagine fire at work: It reduces things to ash, softens materials, converts from solid to liquid to gas, converts cold to warm and brings light to the darkness.

Since the discovery of fire humans have sought to harness that power to use for transformation. We continue this ancient tradition when we practice candle magic.

This step by step guide will take you through learning candle magic.

Intentions are everything, from the moment you begin planning a spell, the magical process has begun.  

What is your Candle Magic Goal?

It’s very important to put thought into your goal and be as specific and direct as possible. Go into your spell knowing what it is you want, not what you wish for.

Be realistic. Using candle magic to bring a live dragon to you is not going to work. You must work within the realm of reality.

Consider the moral values of your spell and its intentions. A candle spell is for you and it should not be cast upon others without their knowing nor should it be used for harm.

Positivity is key! Make sure your candle magic spell only uses positive verbiage.

If you are trying to draw something large to you it is best to break your spell down into smaller steps and cast more of them as each phase of your goal is received.

You should be able to write down each phase of your goal into a single sentence.

Example if you are afraid of flying but have no other choice but to fly your spell can be as simple as, “bring me safety during my travels” instead of “I wish I didn’t have to fly, I hope the plane doesn’t crash”


Design Your Spell

Use your goal to help guide you in designing your candle magic spell. Using the example about flying, you’re going to do the most basic candle magic spell: Visualize your goal , See a bubble of protection surrounding you and light the candle releasing the energy through fires transformation.

Keep your tools to a minimum as you start out.  A Chime candle in a Chime holder, oils to dress the candle.

You want a chant to help raise energy.  You can use a chant found online, or you can create your own bringing into more of your personal intentions. The important thing about the chant is that it has meaning to you.  The rhyming and rhythm of your chant is totally up to you.  As the flame leaps up, again strongly visualize being protected on your journey and say:

Safety as I fly to thee

Through the sky happily

With this spell I draw to me

Ideal travels I will see

This is my will so mote it be.


This is a chant I wrote that you could use or you can write your own.

Collect Your Components  

Choose components aligned with your goal. The example travel spell is designed to use one chime candle, a chime holder, and some oils. The color of your chime candle should correspond with the goal of your spell. We also want to use chime candle holders and oils that correspond with your goal to heighten your spells energy.

For this spell you could use:

A yellow virgin chime candle – Virgin chime candles are candles that have never been used in a previous spell.

A yellow or black chime candle holder – yellow represents travel and black represents protection.

Cedar Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Rose Oil, and Tea Tree Oil oil  are all associated with protection. You should use the oil you feel most connected with. An important thing to note is that essential oils are incredibly powerful and can cause skin irritation. Always dilute your essential oils in carrier oil such as olive oil. 1 drop of essential oil in a 2 table spoons or more of carrier oil is recommended.



assertiveness, courage, creativity, energy, passionate love, sex


ambition, concentration, eloquence, legal issues, intellectual pursuits, success


attractiveness, clarity, happiness, intelligence, persuasiveness, travel


growth, fertility, harmony, health, prosperity, wealth


dream work, healing, intuition, loyalty, peace, spirituality


connecting to the higher self, communing with higher beings, meditation, psychic abilities and development


beauty, compassion, femininity, partnerships, romantic/innocent love


all-purpose (can be a substitute for any other color), cleansing, purification, truth, reflecting energy


absorbing energy, banishing, breaking things (bad habits, hexes, etc.) discovering hidden wisdom, protection, self-defense


invisibility (not literal), loneliness, neutralizing energies and spells, wisdom


abundance, family, friends, gardening, grounding, pets, stability

Dressing the Chime Candle

This is one of the most important parts of doing candle magic. You have to establish a psychic bond between the chime candle, you and your goal. 

Dressing the chime candle requires the chime candle and some You have to pour the oil on your fingers and rub it on the candle.  Below are different variations of dressing the chime candle based on what you are looking to achieve with your spell.


  • Rub from top to bottom to draw things to you
  • rub from bottom to tip to send things away
  • Start at the center of the candle and with oil from center to top, then from center to bottom.

Your mental state as you rub the chime candle is very important. Chanting your chant as you rub the oil onto the candle, you should be strongly visualizing your intent and mentally bind that energy into the candle. Do this for a couple of minutes, maybe 50 to 100 strokes, until you feel the candle is sufficiently charged and you feel the connection.

Chime Candle Magic: Casting the Spell

The time has come. Sit before your chime candle in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted .

  1. Meditate as and relax. Clear your mind and being your chant. Repeat your chant throughout the entire spell to raise the energy.
  2. Visualize your goal, as if your mission has already been accomplished.
  3. Draw upon you the feeling of your goal being accomplished
  4. When your visualization is solid in your mind and you feel yourself living what you are asking for, with your goal in mind, light the candle.
  5. Imagine the candle’s glow growing and expanding into the universe to bring you your goal.
  6. Leave the chime candle to burn out on its own in a safe place.
  7. Bury the remnants of the Chime Candle and know that you have received what you called out for

Chime Candle Magic

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