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Witches Knot Pendant

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The Witch's Knot symbolizes the 'knot magic' that was practiced by witches in the Middle Ages. A protective witch's knot was often inscribed over doorways to keep away negative energy.

The Witches Knot is made of two interwoven potent symbols:  The circle, which is universal, and the four-cornered knot, which is Gaelic and can be drawn in one continuous motion. The circle of the witches knot is an ancient symbol used to represent an almost endless number of concepts: the sun, earth, moon, planets, God, eternity, perfection, totality, the continuity of life, heaven, protection, and the universe.

The four-cornered witches knot represents the four main Gaelic seasonal festivals; Four Druidic gods who each rule a quadrant of the earth; Good luck, as in a four-leaf clover; The four elements: earth, wind, fire and water; The four seasons; North, south, east and west.



Weight: 6 grams

Size: 1.25 in x 1.25 in   /  3.17 cm x 3.17 cm 

Material: Stainless Steel