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Filigree Handle Athame

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An athame or athamé is a ceremonial double-edged dagger, one of several magical tools used in traditional witchcraft and other Neopagan religions such as Wicca.

The athame may be inscribed with particular symbols dictated by the tradition, ranging from astrological glyphs to runes to magial symbols indicative of deities, spirits or the elements. Alternatively they can be blank.

The athame's primary use is for ritual and magical purposes only, to direct energy during a ceremony. An exception is in Kitchen Witchcraft, which actively encourages the use of magical tools for mundane purposes to increase the witch's familiarity with them.

The blade edge of this Altar Athame is not sharp as it is intended for direction of energry rather than cutting.  Its small size will leave plenty of room on your altar for additonal Altar tools.